10 Appearances by Pornstars In Mainstream Movies

    November 15, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Seems as though headlines like these that have taken place in the last couple years  might be more prevalent in the years to come:

    Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh has cast precocious porn star Sasha Grey as the lead in his upcoming feature, “The Girlfriend Experience,” Adult Video News reported.

    Tera Patrick may be joining colleagues Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey in making the move from mainstream porn to, well, mainstream hollywood film. Patrick is being considered for a leading role in director Quention Tarantino’s remake of the aptly titled film Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

    But before these mainstream roles started popping up, pornstars began making appearances in mainstream flicks dating back over 10 years. And who got it started?  The Hedgehog that’s who.

    Here are 10 appearances by Pornstars in mainstream movies.

    Trust me guys, I’d love to show videos of all of these but clearly I can’t. Boooooo.

    Ron Jeremy in Detroit Rock City

    Pornstar Mainstream

    I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture of him in Detroit Rock City but he was awesome as the dirty DJ at a male strip club. Jeremy also appeared in Boondock Saints, Ronin, Whore, Orgazmo, Crank 2, and Toxic Avengers IV

    Jill Kelly and Chasey Lain in He Got Game

    Pornstar Mainstream

    Easily the best scene in the movie. Jesus (played by Ray Allen) has a threesome with these two. Not really too far a stretch for their acting abilities.

    Kobe Tai in Very Bad Things

    Pornstar Mainstream

    Again, not really a stretch for Kobe Tai to be playing a stripper. But she was in the movie nonetheless.

    Juli Ashton in Orgazmo

    Pornstar Mainstream

    Chasey Lain was also in this flick. Can we really consider it mainstream? I guess we can. Sure we can. Why not? This is my site and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it.

    Traci Lords in Cry Baby

    Pornstar Mainstream

    She was also in Blade and will be appearing in Zack and Miri

    Ginger Lynn in The Devils Rejects

    Pornstar Mainstream

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find any screen shots that weren’t naked

    Rob Zombie knows what he wants. And when he needs a crazy sexual dynamo? He calls on a pro.

    Asia Carrera in The Big Lebowski

    Pornstar Mainstream

    That’s her now…yikes

    Again, a screenshot was tough (all nudes). But Asia made her appearance in the fake porn film “Logjammin.”

    Steven St. Croix in The Girls Next Door

    Pornstar Mainstream

    I have to admit, this guy’s pretty funny.

    Jenna Jameson in Howard Stern: Private Parts

    Pornstar Mainstream

    And what does she do in Private Parts? Nothing. She’s naked.

    Jenteal in Made

    Pornstar Mainstream

    Jenteal was the other stripper in the scene with Jonathan Silverman.

    1. Hag Wanas says:

      Way back? How about Serena and Sharon Mitchell in Hardcore, or for a really obscure reference Piper Smith in The Howling, who played the girl being raped in the peepshow loop (bet you never heard of her)? How about Joan Crawford or Brigitte Bardot, who each posed for porn pics before finding legit stardom? The list goes on and on, and this article doesn’t even crack the surface.

    2. leftout says:

      Traci Lordes was also in Stephen King’s Tommyknockers

    3. kal says:

      how about jake jellyballs in brokeback mountain?

    4. Bill Scire says:

      Breaking out the way back machine: Amber Lynn in 52 Pick Up

    5. ste says:

      wow didnt realise lil cinderella was in boogie nights – always did have a thing for petite blondes

    6. Marylin Chambers in David Cronenbergs Rabid

    7. junior712 says:

      Actually, one of the first porn people in a mainstream movie was Lois Ayers in Tougher Than Leather starring Run D.M.C. You also forgot Heather Hunter in He Got Game, Teri Weigel in Predator II & Marked For Death & Vanessa Del Rio in Soul Men

    8. thepresenter says:

      Bree Olson in Purgatory Comics

    9. megacam says:

      Jenna Jameson and Ron Jermemy in Porn and CHicken

    10. Grizz says:

      Nautica thorn in 40 year old virgin as well.

    11. anon says:

      Lil’ Cinderella as the dead coke whore in Boogie Nights

    12. Gill Avila says:

      You left out Kristine DeBell in The Main Event—and a lot of others.

    13. Big Daddy says:

      The obvious one to me that everyone is leaving out…..Katie Morgan in Zack and Miri make a porno. She actually has a real role in that film.

    14. Nick says:

      Ron Jeremy in 1989 Ghostbusters. He’s a street onlooker.

    15. Jeanna Fine was also in Boondock Saints.

    16. Recondite says:

      Nina Hartley in Boogie Nights…

    17. Harry Potter says:

      You forgot Stormy Daniels in 40 Year Old Virgin.

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