What Your TV Show Says About You (Guy Version)

    November 11, 2010 at 5:00 am

    What a TV show says about a guy

    According to a new report, the television shows people view the most tell a great deal about their personalities.

    “Whether you choose to watch “Brothers & Sisters” or “Mad Men” at 10 p.m. on Sunday says a lot about you. According to psychographic ad targeter Mindset Media, the TV shows you watch can offer marketers key insights into your personality. For instance, very modest people are more likely to watch the blue-collar hero show “Deadliest Catch” while altruistic people tend to prefer cooking shows like “Rachael Ray” and reality shows with happy endings like “The Bachelor.”

    It’s amazing the studies that actually get funded and conducted these days. I could have done this research from my desk. It should be common sense that just like “you are what you eat” that “you are what you watch.” One glance at a person and I can guess their favorite television show. It’s a gift. Some men look like a “Mad Men” fans while others look like they devour “Say Yes To The Dress” marathons every weekend.

    Here are some popular television show and what they say about the men that watch.

    Mad Men

    Mad Men tv show

    Men who watch Mad Men want to feel like they are learning something; whether it be about the culture of the 50s and 60s, the style of a Don Draper or just what evil lurks behind the ads people see every day. It also says likes being different than everyone else (since the critic-friendly show still doesn’t produce knock-out ratings). It also means you’re a breast man and you’re waiting for a possible Christina Hendricks bra scene. Keep waiting my friend.

    The Jersey Shore

    Jersey Shore tv show

    Men that watch Jersey Shore go out way to much, drink way to much and live a life not much different than the people on the show. It could also mean you’re a guy that doesn’t go out, never drinks and lives life through the people on TV. A large portion of the male viewing audience lives in Jersey, frequents the bars on the show, and just wants to see if they made it on television. “LOOK! DARE I AM! I’M DANCIN RIGHT BEHIND JWOWW! I’M GONNA PUT DIS ON MY ACTIN RESUME!” The other half wants to, and usually does, during the months of June through August.


    Glee tv show

    Men that watch Glee probably participated in the performing arts in high school and college. These guys are constantly kicking themselves for giving it up because they didn’t get the lead in Guys and Dolls senior year. The other men that watch this show are possibly just followers that want something to talk about with coworkers and women they are in relationship with and have to watch at least one show a week that their partner wants to watch. If an episode of Glee means a couple hours of uninterrupted Monday Night Football then so be it.

    The Office

    The Office tv show

    Actually, I fall into this category. While the research claims I’m an “alpha dog” that thinks I’m “superior to others” the real truth is I (much like most of the other men watching) have been watching since the beginning and feel like SOMETHING big has to happen with Michael leaving so I keep watching but nothing happens. We all suffered through the Jim and Pam crap and this is the thanks we get? Perhaps the report should say we are all “masochists” because we torture ourselves just waiting for something to happen. It’s also one of the few comedies on TV girlfriends/wives tolerate and anything is better than Family Guy. Which leads us to…

    Family Guy

    Family Guy tv show

    The guy that watches Family Guy also watches them in reruns, which is odd, considering he owns them all on DVD. He still laugh at fart jokes, still pull pranks on people and still drinks every chance he gets. He is also probably still in college or wishes he was still in college.

    Dancing with the Stars/ Any of the Housewives shows/Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    The Real Housewives of Orange County tv show

    If you’re a man (debatable) that watches any of these shows you probably have very little say in your house. Your wife or girlfriend controls the remote and your wife or girlfriend spends too much time in front of the television and because one of these shows is always on, and it’s always on in your house. Maybe these shows say a little bit more about the woman. If you’re a man and watch these shows by choice, please click off this article and never come back to this website again.

    Tomorrow, it’s the ladies turn.

    1. Ejigantor says:

      Wow, I watch lots of TV, but none of the shows listed, I wonder what that says about me.

    2. Robbie says:

      What about Entourage? =-D


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