The Cool Evolution of Kool-Aid Packets

    November 11, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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    Kool-Aid was kind of a forbidden beverage in my house. My parents never really said “no” to purchasing it but they knew how bad it was for a kid so they pushed me towards other healthy alternatives like soda (it was the 80’s, who knew!). I did enjoy Kool-Aid over friends houses or occasionally when a pitcher was made for school functions. If you planned it right, you could get one of the last cups of Kool Aid. That’s where all the delicious sugar hid.

    I think I liked the Kool-Aid packs as much the drink. The wacky Kool-Aid guy, busting walls and hanging out with fruit. Also, I liked to lick the leftover mix from the sides. Yeah, they really should have just let me drink it.

    Here is a gallery of old and new Kool-Aid mix packets.

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