Demi Lovato Doing Cocaine On Camera? FINALLY Something From Her I’d Watch

    November 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Demi Lovato is still hanging out in rehab. Doing what little famous rich girls do. Meanwhile, on the outside, someone is shopping around a tape of the Disney star enjoying a little of the booger sugar.

    A friend who witnessed the 18-year-old do lines of coke at a party in North Richland Hills, Texas, told “Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I’ve seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, ‘F**k all of you, I’m famous, I don’t care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.’ He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine).”

    Sounds like a regular Thursday in Hollywood. Let’s hear more about this being slutty. Is there video tape of this? That is where the real money is kids; sex tapes. Sex tapes and tape cassette singing over recorded songs on the radio. Mix tapes. Mix tapes are hot right now too. I’m bidding on a stolen mix tape from Taylor Momsen’s Walk-Man that has El Debarge and then goes right into Drake with her own commentary mixed in the middle. There is also a quick recording of an episode of Charles In Charge.

    “I just remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn’t seem like something new to her.”

    Are we still talking about cocaine?

    EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Charge! Demi Lovato Caught On Video Snorting Cocaine – [Radar Online]

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