Sofia Vergara Wants Al Pacino To Be Her Daddy (Not In The Pervy Way)

    November 5, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Sofia Vergara wants Al Pacino to be her daddy

    Modern Family actress and Latina eye candy Sofia Vergara wants Al Pacino to play her dad in an upcoming episode. Except she is being very specific, calling for Pacino to play a “Tony Montana type character.”

    The sexy Latina is keen to revisit her character Gloria’s native country with her TV family in a future episode – and Pacino is at the top of his wish list to play her over-protective father.

    She says, “In some other season we should go to Cartagena and meet Gloria’s family in Colombia.”I was telling them (producers) that they need to put Al Pacino like my father (sic), talking like Tony Montana… He should be Gloria’s father.”

    Look, you have a hit show, you can make some crazy demands. I’m not sure you can request certain famous actors to recreate famous roles but it’s worth a shot. If they get Pacino doing blow, smoking Al Bundy in his chair with a couple sawed off shotguns and dress up Vergara in a couple of the outfits Michelle Pfieffer wore in Scarface I’d probably sit down to watch a couple minutes of the show.

    I’d rather Pacino recreate Big Boy Caprice from the movie Dick Tracy. That’s a lie, but when do I ever get a chance to mention Dick Tracy in a blog? I took my shot. It felt good.

    Sofia Vergara – Vergara Calls On Pacino To Play Her Tv Dad – [Contact Music]

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