10 Great Male Pornstar Names (And Their Real Names)

    November 5, 2010 at 6:00 am

    10 great male pornstar names

    We’ve all played the pornstar name game. You take your middle name followed by the street you live on either now or as a kid. It would be tough if my pornstar name were Isaac East 33rd St. At the same time, Isaac Mackey would have definitely been a cool name. I think one of the best pornstar names ever was my buddy Chris in college.

    His pornstar name would have ended up being Roy Bronco. I still haven’t found one better than that yet. But what about the real guys? You would think that at least 50% of the male porn guys out there would have the funny type names like Buck Naked. Surprisingly there aren’t as many as you think.

    Here are 10 guys that definitely have worthy pornstar names.

    P.S. I’m trying to keep this article the least homoerotic as I possibly can but it’s nearly impossible with the pictures.

    Here’s another thing to add.  I’ll bet you a million bucks that every guy reading this will recognize the people in these photos.

    Seymore Butts

    Seymore Butts pornstar name

    What a piece of grease this guy is. Real Name: Adam Glasser

    Dale DaBone

    Dale DaBone pornstar name

    I shouldn’t have to tell you guys that DaBone is on the right. Admit it, you already knew. Real Name: Dale Rutter

    Ben Dover

    Ben Dover pornstar name

    You gotta love the old kook. Real Name: Simon Honey

    Jack Hammer

    Jack Hammer pornstar name

    This guy looks like a sex offender. Real Name: Troy Mainwaring

    Chocoball Mukai

    Chocoball Mukai pornstar name

    FYI this is his name because of his “dark scrotum.” Well that’s lovely isn’t it? Real Name: Gunma Prefecture. Just kidding, that’s where he’s from. But wouldn’t that be awesome? For the record a commenter named Scott Lamont pointed this out. I’d have posted the comment but it contained a little too much vulgarity. Congrats on pointing out my mistakes buddy. You should be proud.

    Dick Nasty

    Dick Nasty pornstar name

    Real Name might be Peter London or Kurt Lancing but I’m not positive.

    Jon Dough

    Jon Dough pornstar name

    RIP. Dough Committed suicide in 2006 but his name will live on forever. Real Name: Cheser Anuszak

    Arnold Schwarzenpecker

    Arnold Schwarzenpecker pornstar name

    Real Name: Schmuel Berkowitz (wow)

    Long Dong Silver

    Long Dong Silver pornstar name

    Real Name: Daniel Arthur Mead


    ManDingo pornstar name

    I can’t find his real name but I think it’s Fred something.

    1. drugchicken says:

      Best porn name I ever ‘came across’ was Buster Payne.

    2. the dude says:

      u forgot james deen and pierre woodman,,,,,,no match to them!!! just check!


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