South African Model Lands Role As Wonder Woman

    November 3, 2010 at 8:00 am

    South African model lands role as Wonder Woman

    South African model Tanit Phoenix (who already sounds like a super hero) has landed the role of Wonder Woman on the upcoming series developed by David E. Kelly. Taint that interesting. Oh. Tanit. Read too fast.

    It looks like Warner Bros. and DC have an actress in mind to take on role of the Amazonian Princess. She is a South African model by the name of Tanit Phoenix, who appeared in the direct to DVD film Lost Boys: The Thirst and Lord Of War with Nic Cage.

    Quite a resume. Kidding. She is pretty unknown, which is good, because there is nothing worse than a well known star getting a recognizable role. Just be happy it didn’t go to Olivia Munn or Betty White. Even so, I’m gonna have to see some…

    Tanit Phoenix as Wonder Woman

    Sold. Sold. I’ll watch. When is it on? Don’t care, I’ll just sit in front of my television and wait. Please get me a bucket, a pair of sweatpants to change in and out of and keep the oven warm for pizza rolls. I shouldn’t be here too long, the show will only last a month.

    South African model Tanit Phoenix up for the role of Wonder Woman in new TV series – [I Heart Chaos]

    1. Pilot 337 says:

      Are you kidding? With her in the title role and David E. Kelly behind it it’ll be good for several seasons at least! Bring it!

    2. Sharmota_Egy says:

      We Are Waiting for That Chick 😉

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