Five Products You Won’t Believe are Still Being Sold as New

    November 2, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Rotary phone still being sold

    In a shocking story last week I found out that Sony is finally putting an end to selling Walkmans in Japan.   Wait a second.  They were still selling Walkmans?  Like new Walkmans?  Unreal.   When you think about it there’s actually still some products out there being sold that will make you cringe.

    First of all you’ve gotta feel bad for whoever is trying to peddle this crap.  Second of all, even worse for the people who manufacture this shit and are clearly clinging to the past.  Just get over it people!

    But here we are in 2010 and these five products are still being sold as new in the open market…..

    Walkmans/Cassette Tapes

    Walkman still being sold

    Well we established that these are finally going to be discontinued but can you believe these are still being sold?  I can understand them being sold in third world countries but that they were being marketed in Japan is beyond me.  It’s funny because I still have boxes of cassette tapes lying around which I will clearly never listen to again.

    VHS Anything

    VHS player still being sold

    To this day I can still see a VHS/TV combo being sold in most any electronics store.   Hell we are copying DVDs these days and we still have a need for VHS?  No.  Not a chance.   Though I will say this.  Just the other day my wife was complaining that our old VHS player isn’t hooked up to one of our televisions.   I give these about another 10 years before they pull the plug.


    Typewriter still being sold

    I’m guessing this is strictly for writers who just like the novelty of still being able to type old school.   The market is clearly specialized now but come on man.  Who the hell wants to type on one of these?  You can’t even make errors or you’re screwed.  What a pain in the ass.

    Rotary Phones

    Rotary phone still being sold

    Of all the items on this list I happen to like the rotary phone the best.   People love the looks of these little guys and so do I.  Sure it’s vintage but vintage is very in these days.   Screw it.  I’m gonna go get me a rotary phone.    How do you use it again????

    Tighty Whities

    Tighty whities still being sold

    With all of the innovation in underwear you’d think that the classic tighty whity wouldn’t exist anymore.  No, I’m not talking about briefs.  I’m talking about the old school wedgie looking tighty wighty that a super dork would wear in the 80s.  And with all the research about sperm counts how are these things still in production?

    1. well i can only say something about typewriters. Well I work in a hospital especially in the laboratory and “labelling” of specimens cannot be done by ink because it will wash off to the specimen or might interfere with the chemicals. And using pencil is not used because it might have problems with legibility.

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