Why March Madness Is Better Than the Playoffs

    October 27, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Stephon Curry March Madness

    Basketball is finally underway and I for one am pretty excited.  And as we see the NBA and NCAA start to come into shape the arguments about March Madness vs. the Playoffs will always begin.  Which basketball is better to watch?

    I for one like the NBA but I’m not going to get into that discussion rather I’d like to talk about one that in my eyes isn’t even an argument.  The NCAA’s March Madness is considerably better than the NBA playoffs.


    No Best of 7 Series

    Following a single round of the NBA playoffs can take almost two weeks. You can lose track, and this gives a huge boost to the favored team. Only in the NCAA do you have 32 games crammed into two days with Cinderella getting one shot to take down teams stacked from big conferences, and often succeeding and moving on.

    Better Mascots

    Instead of the same teams being trodded out every year for the NBA playoffs with some guy making minimum wage to sit in an overheated costume, college presents the most overzealous frat guy dressed up in obscure animals from the Metro Athletic Conference ready to beat the hell out of the guy from the Big Ten.

    Dick Vitale

    Ever year, ESPN lets Dick Vitale out of his cage and unleashes him on Sports Center to remind you that Duke is awesome, baby! Kentucky? Awesome, baby, it’s insane. He’s insane. Some people hate him, some knock his ability to break down games, but we don’t like Dicky V for his analysis, we like him because it means it’s March and that’s awesome baby.

    College Bands

    While every NBA arena blasts the same organ music while you’re trying to watch the game, college bands compete in an epic battle of the bands through every stoppage of play (of which there are plenty). Every band comes with their own playlist, and when is that pimply guy on the trombone going to have another chance to get on national television? Rock out with the orchestra and take in the sounds that you can’t get in the pros.

    Free Online

    Thanks to CBS and the NCAA, you can now watch every game on your PC whether you are at home or at work. Suddenly sitting in that cubicle isn’t nearly as torturous and you aren’t at the mercy of CBS deciding what your region should watch. If you try getting an illegal NBA stream, you’ll be watching a small blurry box through a Ukranian feed, but now you can watch every game free and legally.

    Younger Cheerleaders

    Who needs the bitter dancers and almost-strippers of NBA cheerleaders when college offers up cute eighteen-year-old coeds getting their chance to shine on the national stage? They care more about their teams and, yeah, their moves might not be as polished. Does anyone really care though?

    Office Pools

    March Madness costs companies millions of dollars due to people obsessed with their brackets and it happens every year. Why doesn’t it change? Because everyone is into it, every office has their sports fan that is toppled by the girl who never heard of basketball, but happened to have graduated from George Mason, so she picked them to go to the Final Four and won thousands. The pros are for a select few die hard NBA fans, college is for everyone and the office actually becomes bearable for a month.

    George Mason, ’nuff said

    Cinderella Teams

    The closest you get to an upset in the NBA playoffs is an eight knocking off a one, but you’ll never get the pro equivalent of George Mason’s final four run or Cornell storming out of the Ivy League and into the Sweet Sixteen. When Kansas gets knocked out by Northen Iowa, the President’s bracket went bust, can any professional sports league match that kind of absurdity with anything close?

    Players Not In It For the Money

    While a strike looms over the NBA in the next couple of season and teams tank to get a better draft pick or offload their stars to free up cap space for Lebron, college players play their hearts out. You can’t beat the fiery passion of March Madness with players out to be number one simply out of pride, their future prospects and their team. They’re not in it for a better contract next season or to leverage colleges against each other. College, unlike the pros, is a more pure and more entertaining game.

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