Would You Rather? Naked or Fart at Work

    October 26, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Would You Rather

    Life is always throwing a ton of bad choices at us, where it seems like either option is pretty damn horrible. That’s probably the origin of the game “Would You Rather?”

    Each week, EgoTV discusses a “Would You Rather?” scenario and gives the pros and cons of each. Then it’s up to you, the reader, to make a choice of which you’d rather.

    Let’s have a pointless debate.

    Would You Rather…streak naked through your office OR be known as the office farter?

    Streak Naked

    Naked streaker

    PRO: It might make you more popular in the office.
    CON: It will probably just get you fired.

    PRO: People don’t always pay attention at work, so there is a chance no one will see it.
    CON: Every once in a while the office has guests, so there is a chance many, many people will see it.

    PRO: If you’re well endowed, it could help your dating life.
    CON: You’re office is very, very cold.

    PRO: People will leave you alone because they think you’re nuts.
    CON: People might come and take you away because they think you’re nuts.

    PRO: All of that working out will finally pay off, because you can finally show it off.
    CON: Always visiting the snack machine will come back to haunt you. Tubs.

    Office Farter

    George Bush farted

    PRO: Since everyone thinks it’s your fault, you can now fart any time and it won’t matter.
    CON: Even if it’s no your fault, people will always assume it is.

    PRO: Office with a door and a window.
    CON: That no one will ever come and see.

    PRO: There are worse things to be known for at work.
    CON: Although not many.

    PRO: Less chit chat with coworkers.
    CON: More time to do actual work.

    PRO: Some people find farting funny.
    CON: For about five seconds.

    So which is it going to be?

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