Seven Steps to Proper Gym Etiquette

    October 26, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Proper gym etiquette

    So, you’ve made that new years resolution to lose weight or get in shape.  Maybe you’ve just dusted off the gym membership or maybe you’re getting one for the first time.  Regardless, there are some simple rules of etiquette that everyone should know and follow at the gym.  Learn them, love them, live them.

    Follow these fine points and you just might be on your way…..

    1. The most perplexing gym faux pas comes from people standing or even working out directly in front of the weight bench. Do you not understand that the free-weights are the most important part of any gym and blocking off access to them is an issue? Take the weights you need and walk into an open area to begin your workout.

    2. The use of cell phones should be limited to emergencies only. No one wants to hear your goofy ringtone or your conversation about how wasted you were last night. Additionally, if I can hear you talk over the music on my iPod we have major issues.

    3. Just like the stalls in a men’s room the ‘one machine in between’ rule applies. While working out people can get sweaty, odorous and self-conscious. The last thing they want is someone fresh getting on the machine right next to their sweaty selves. If there are 3 treadmills, for instance, the one in the middle should only be used if the 2 on the outside are occupied. Ladies, if there is an opportunity to leave a machine between you and I, but you choose the one directly next to me, I can only take that as an indication that you want to be hit on. Be prepared for me to kick some mad game..

    4. It is okay to ask a random person to spot you when lifting heavy weights. Do not abuse this power, however. If you can’t lift 6 reps on your own, don’t waste another’s time. They are not there to help you impress the ladies with how much weight you ‘can’ lift. The job of a spotter is to make sure your arms don’t give out in the middle of a set, not to lift the weight for you.

    5. Wiping down machines is common courtesy. All gyms now provide sanitary wipes and or Lysol sprays. Use them.

    6.  Grunting is an acceptable practice at the gym, but only when used appropriately. If you are doing it just for the attention please note you’re only getting the wrong type and you’re not impressing anyone. If you just want attention put on a bright Hawaiian shirt and head to the nearest mall.

    7. For those who know what they are doing, it is actually painful to watch others do things wrong. Please read a magazine or ask for help if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Doing bicep curls for example, shouldn’t involve whole body heaves. If that’s what it takes to lift the weight you should drop down to less weight. Form and technique are much more important than weight.

    The gym can be a great place to work out stress, tension and anxiety. It should not create any.

    1. Omniture says:

      Its always an awkward moment catching someone not wiping down their sweat machine. I tend to hide behind my earbuds and pretend i’m invisible.

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