Breathe A Collective Sigh Of Relief Everyone! Christina Hendricks Still Loves Carbs.

    October 26, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Christina Hendricks loves carbs

    People were shocked, yes SHOCKED, to hear that Christina Hendricks might be considering going on a diet.

    Christina Hendricks fans can relax. Despite reports to the contrary, the curvaceous star isn’t going on a diet anytime soon. Fans of the “Mad Men” star were recently shocked to read a report from the UK’s Daily Mail that the voluptuous beauty wanted to drop 35 pounds to fit in better with Hollywood’s crop of svelte stars.

    Shocked? No one should be, considering Hendricks is a part of Hollywood and eventually someone is going to tell her to lose a few pounds. She doesn’t need to, but the topic has been broached at least once and will be again if she gets any more popular.

    Saying people were shocked isn’t the right word. People were probably upset because Hendricks allows women an excuse to not obsess over their weight and size. They can point to her and say “look, look, curvy women are attractive.” It’s true, some are, probably Hendricks and a few others. The women that use her as excuse though are probably fat and unattractive. Just like I can grow a billy goat chin piece and go “look, look, Brad Pitt has one” except I’m not Brad Pitt. I’m just a moron with no money for a razor.

    If the poster girl for big and busty lost weight then every woman lost their “get out guilt for eating Haagan Daz for breakfast” free card.

    But the sexy star tells that she is “completely happy” with her body.

    I’m happy with her body too, though I’d be happier if it were naked in my kitchen making us both a sundae.

    Christina Hendricks strikes down diet rumors, says she is ‘happy’ the way she is – [Fox 411]

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