Paramount ‘wants four more Jackass movies’ and one of the cast to eventually die

    October 25, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Jackass movie stars

    It’s no secret that Hollywood will suck the blood and marrow from a franchise until every last dollar comes trickling out. Even movies that are moderately successful get at least two more sequels.

    Shouldn’t comes as a shock that Jackass is getting another movie. Plus three more.

    According to the Daily Star Sunday, studio bosses were “shell-shocked” when the film topped the US box office last week, grossing $50m in its opening weekend.

    People like a nice bull horn to the nuts. They enjoy grown men getting stung by thousands of bees and launching themselves into shallow water with a catapult. It’s good old fashioned chicanery. So why not give the people what they want? Until one of the cast is dead or crippled. Because it’s going to come to that by the fourth movie when they are all out of “safe” ideas and they are hanging out on the wrong side of 40 years of age when bones don’t heal as fast and reaction time in dangerous situations aren’t as sharp.

    It is claimed that the stars have each been offered $2m per subsequent film that they make in the Jackass series.

    Well, what’s one more hammer to the skull for $2 million dollars? Hopefully all the guys are alive to ask them in ten years.

    Paramount ‘wants four more Jackass movies’ – [Digital Spy]



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