Celebrities Embrace a Few Extra Pounds

    October 22, 2010 at 7:00 am

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    Fat Celebrity

    Even though many of these pictures are a joke, it is still nice to see celebrities pack on a few pounds. It’s reassures us “normal” people that it is okay to be anything other then a toothpick. Who’s up for some KFC?

    1. a says:

      it would be one thing if you showed skinny people gaining 5-10 pounds of fat and then some muscle definition. but you show formerly fit celebrities whose muscle has turned into flab, and others where the amount of added weight is just unhealthy. just because america has an obesity problem does not mean it is “normal” to be super overweight and lacking muscle. people see no problem criticizing those who are very skinny, or even in good shape, yet it’s considered mean to criticize people for carrying unhealthy extra weight.

      also, why does one of the pics of christina aguilera have a completely square jaw? that would never happen.

    2. In the last few years, I have lost about 30 pounds from exercise and change in eating habits, and I feel better physically.

      I agree that we, as a society, have a tendency to ostracize heavy people. Sadly, many of these people have greater inner beauty than others. Also, intellect had no boundaries and is increased by “education”. Many heavy women and men have endured horrific “bullying”, names, and job loss in hollywood and industry. In industry, an overweight person will be “let go” because of health reasons. Also, they will automatically be assumed lazy.

      As a corporate whistleblower, I witnessed and experienced this as an overweight person. An overweight person who earned three Vice-President’s awards, had optimized my process, assisted with the optimization of another process, and had a visit by the CEO.

      I know these are “celebrities”, but they are attractive. As someone who has “time” to exercise, I may not desire an overweight person since I have exercised and have a different body style. On the other had, there are men who like heavy women!

      For me, it is her “curves”. I have seen some very curvy women that are “heavy”.

    3. lolld says:

      Your “breaking web trends” popups are annoying. Geez, is there really any point to them?

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