9 Athletes That Would Make Freakishly Awesome Soccer Players

    October 19, 2010 at 7:00 am

    soccer athlete

    American kids just don’t gravitate towards soccer like their counterparts in other countries.  It’s just a simple fact.  Nothing against soccer or anything.  It’s just the way it is.

    It makes a sports fan wonder though…. What if American kids viewed the World Cup the same way they do the other major championships? How unstoppable we the US Team be if our top athletes played soccer.?

    Here is a list of nine notable players that would excel at the sport….

    9. Derek Jeter

    Derek Jeter athlete

    Ask a baseball fan to describe Jeter as a player and it doesn’t take long for them to use the word “intangibles.” It’s a nice way of saying while Jeter isn’t fantastic at one thing, he is great at many things on the baseball field. He isn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest on the field but he always comes up huge in pressure situations and finds a way to get the job done. Which every captain, either in baseball or soccer, should be able to do. Jeter would also provide a level-head in a hot-headed field of world class soccer players. He leads by example and never lets his emotion cloud his judgement on the field.

    8. Randy Moss

    Randy Moss athlete

    Fast and aggressive with an ego to boot, Randy Moss could out-muscle Didier Drogba up front on a soccer field and could easily match Christiano Rinaldo’s bouts of prissiness. Moss and his high maintenance attitude would fit right in with any World Cup team and his ability to not give a crap when the rest of his team sucks would come in handy. This puts him right up there with Samuel Eto’o of Senegal.

    7. Tony Parker

    Tony Parker athlete

    Parker would easily be a Beckham-esque midfielder. Parker has great court vision, speed, agility and is always a threat on both sides of the ball. Parker could slow down Messi while putting the Italian defense on their heels. Eva Longoria already lives a footballers’ wife type of celebrity so they might as well go all out and switch to the pitch.

    6. Larry Fitzgerald

    Larry Fitzgerald athlete

    Imagine Lionel Messi bulked up another hundred pounds. Or give Wayne Rooney the ability to fling defenders off with a flick of his shoulder. Larry Fitzgerald would be unstoppable on the soccer field and any defender stupid enough to try and lay in a shoulder or a slide tackle would not only be ineffective, but would pay the price with injuries of their own.

    5. Troy Polamalu

    Troy Polamalu athlete

    Aside from the hair easily setting him apart from the pack (sorry Beckerman, your dirty hippie spot has been taken), if there is one athlete I would want on the American defense in South Africa, it’s Polamalu. With the ability to read plays ten steps before they unfold and his ability to cut off passes with a flair that no one sees coming, Troy could shut down any soccer team’s attack and would be the consistency that the U.S. squad currently lacks.

    4. Steve Nash

    Steve Nash athlete
    This one is a little bit of a gimme since Nash is already an avid footballer and has admitted that he would probably be playing in MLS if it weren’t for his side hobby; an NBA career with the Phoenix Suns. Nash even hosted a pickup game in New York, inviting Thierry Henry and Claudio Reyna amongst others. With crisp passes and a clear view of the court, Nash would be a crucial leader at midfield.

    3. Allen Iverson

    Allen Iverson athlete

    Quick, agile and already built like a star, the most intriguing thing about putting AI on a soccer field would be how his physicality and toughness would translate to the sport. Iverson brought a football player’s mindset to the court his entire basketball career, a trait that would benefit his World Cup play when the play gets rougher and the stakes much higher. The only question mark for The Answer would be how his body would hold up on the soccer field, given the laundry list of injuries he suffered in his 13+ years in the NBA.

    2. Alexander Ovechkin

    Alexander Ovechkin athlete

    Ovechkin is a true visionary on the ice and can kill you in so many ways that he would be a top midfielder or striker if he traded skates for cleats. Much like how Steven Gerrard can control an entire game at the pace he wants, or how Arjen Robben can touch the ball and everyone feels like the game can be changed in an instant, Ovechkin possesses those skills. Unfortunately, he’d suit up for a Russian team that has a reputation of late as not showing up in big games.

    1. LeBron James

    Lebron James athlete

    Is there really any question? Combine Ronaldo, Kaka, Drogba and Rooney and inject more tenacity, strength and limbs the size of tree trunks and you would have the most feared soccer player in history. LeBron is a walking example of how America would dominate the World Cup if our top athletes played soccer, but for now, we’ll have to settle for Eurotrash being posterized in the NBA.

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